Campez couvert !

Your campsite has selected Campez Couvert for you, in order to offer you the best insurance in the event of cancellation or interruption of your stay and late arrival.

Its amount ? only 4% of the amount of your stay !

Campez Couvert insurance covers all cancellations that are not your fault. It is also the reimbursement of vehicle rental costs following a breakdown, accident or theft during your stay. Everyone is covered with no kinship necessary. Refund in 48 hours. Clearly, everything is guaranteed except the change of mind !

icon sante

Medical reasons

Serious illness, serious accident or death, contraindication and follow-up to vaccination, complications due to pregnancy.

Personal reasons

Summons for the adoption of a child, a remedial examination or an organ transplant, separation, etc.

Serious damage to your vehicle

Within 48 hours before departure.

icon job

Professional reasons

Removal or modification of paid leave dates, economic dismissal or contractual termination, professional transfer, obtaining a job, etc.

icon fire


Serious damage from fire, explosion, water damage, theft from professional or private premises, natural disasters, ban from the site, impediment to getting to the place of stay, theft of identity card, driving license or passport, visa refusal by the country’s authorities.

Campez Couvert, Assurance Camping Omaha Beach